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‘Dear Hollywood’ is the second single by new Americana-pop band Amonia Caramel and it’s one packed with social critique. The energetic popsong protests romantic delusions created by Hollywood, rejecting the cliché’s of finding love in a moment’s notice, catching someone’s eye from across the room, falling straight in love and living happily ever after. 


Amonia Caramel’s songwriting-duo, best friends Cath Harryvan and Sarah Dekker packed their sharp criticism in a polished pop-americana production, delivering their message of concern with the false expectations regarding love Hollywood has created, finishing the track with a final exclamation point in the form of a straightforward message: “Dear Hollywood: please shut up.”

Spotify Cover Hollywood.png

'Write Me Down' is the debut of close-knit duo Amonia Caramel. Having started as a singer-songwriter duo, the two quickly grew to their full potential, writing beautiful, catchy popsongs with impressive harmonies. Write Me Down comes straight from the heart and describes how difficult it is to capture someone and how sometimes, things are just a little too hard to understand. This sentiment is translated into an energetic, catchy popsong, lead by Cath and Sarah's impressive vocals.

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