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Amonia Caramel


Photography by Jantina Talsma

Big subjects, honest words

Amonia Caramel is a band from the Netherlands that writes catchy popsong with an Americana sound. Best friends Sarah Dekker and Cath Harryvan started writing songs after re-kindling their high school friendship in 2019. Having started as a singer-songwriter duo, the two grew to their full potential with a six piece band during the pandemic, writing beautiful, catchy popsongs with impressive harmonies, inspired by shared favorites such as First Aid Kit and Taylor Swift. Together they write songs that come straight from the heart, tackling big subjects with honest words.


Amonia Caramel’s self-titled debut EP is set for release on May 12th, and is a collection of songs that captures the personal stories with lines that will live in your head for a while. The EP was recorded over several months in their hometown Leeuwarden with multiple friends dropping by the sessions, making the release a communal effort. With this EP Amonia Caramel sets their reputation as a timeless, dreamy Americana popband with a bittersweet edge.

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